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Hey everyone! Welcome to a little update I like to call ‘getting to know me’.

I’m Justin from Ace Collectables and I wanted to take some time to let you get a better idea of what we actually do here, and perhaps more importantly, why we do it!

As you hopefully already know, we have a made a few collectable decks of playing cards in the past, each based around a different central theme with Angels and Demons being the latest of these decks. 

The reason for us having a reasonably diverse range of projects is our love of art; there is nothing more rewarding, in my opinion, than seeing a beautiful piece of art come to life before being released into ‘the wild’ for the public to enjoy and critique. While every piece has meaning and reason, it’s with your interaction with our work that the magic of storytelling really happens. Each time someone looks at a card they add their interpretation of that image into the history of the story, and really that’s just one of the wonderful things about the many mediums and styles of art.

In the future, it is our hope that we will have the opportunity to be able to call this our full time ‘job’, though for now it is our joy to create during our free time. 

So what is the plan for the future?

After finishing the Angels and Demons deck, we have plans for a rather special creation in an attempt to appease the oldest of gods. That’s right, Ace Collectables will be delving into the world of Cthulhu and hopefully returning from the depths of the occult with our sanity intact and a Cthulhu themed tarot deck. This will feature many themes, creatures and elder gods from the classic mythos series of ‘Cthulhu’ books by Lovecraft, letting the practitioner peer into the future with the aid of some monstrously beautiful art.

Should all go well and we avoid being eaten by a Shoggoth, we will then be releasing our first original card game with dice! While I don’t want to give away too much about this just yet, I can tell you to watch out for anyone stumbling around and groaning ‘Braaaaiiinnns!’ while playing.

Finally I’d like to add that we always welcome ideas for themes from you, our supporters. Be it a retelling of the ancient Greek oral tradition or an imagining of what would happen if the world was attacked by man eating ice cream that was also part cat, if you have an idea that you think would look great on a deck of cards then we want to make that dream a reality.

It has been our absolute pleasure to be working with you all so far, and your continued support of our work really means the world to us as we really could not be doing what we do without you! 

Our focus always has been, and will continue to be creating beautiful and interesting pieces of art for our supporters to enjoy and I hope our future releases continue to meet and exceed your expectations and provide you with as much joy using them as we had making them.

Thank you all for reading, watch this space for more updates in the future!


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